The day we've been waiting for.

Clear your calendar - It's going down! New Wave of British Fermentation: Metal & Brew EP Releases kicks off on March 27th, and you're invited to take part in the festivities. Clinton Hall (90 Washington St) is our meeting spot for a night of fun and excitement. Come one, come all, bring a guest, and hang loose. This is going to be epic!

We are featuring a night of heavy metal music and a new wave of extremely rare British/International brew releases.

There will be giveaways all night, and anyone caught wearing a metal shirt will be given one free Iron Maiden Beer! Prizes will also be given for the best metal outfits of the night!


TROOPER: Classic ESB riffs, balanced with the chugging Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hop rhythms, arranged by Bruce Dickinson. 4.7%. Produced by the Robinsons Family Brewers label, released in 2013.

BARELY WINE: Influenced by the traditional sounds of the style's origin. A palatable flavour bomb with tight harmonies. 8.5% Produced by the Meantime Brewing Co. label, released in 2013.

JOHN BARRINGTON: A sharp, piercing apple sweetness shreds through the pedal bass of the minimalist-carbonated, almost still rhythmic structure. 8.4%. Produced by Aspall, released in 2014.

ELGOODS COOLSHIP #1: A trailblazing, truly unique lyricist, this modern hybrid of England and Belgium electrifies the palate with sourness not expected in a British outfit such as this. 6.0%. Co-produced by Artisanal Imports CEO Bobby L and the Elgoods Brewery, released in 2014.


B2B: Belgium to Brazil aka Belgzil aka Brazgium aka BelBra

BOCKOR 1892: A very vocal and pure sounding blond ale, dry for the genre with subtle, pleasant intricacies. 8.6%. Produced by Brouwerij Bockor, released in 2013.

BELGIAN COAST IPA: With special guest Greenflash Brewing on hops, this US/BEL hybrid hits on all cylinders with a driving, upbeat punch. 7.5%. Co-produced by Brasserie St-Feuillien and Greenflash Brewing Compnay, released in 2013.

TROPICAL TRIPEL: Another transcontinental mashup, the diverse Tripel features the Cigar City Brewing rhythm section on Simcoe, coconuts, peaches and toasted oak. World renowned back-up vocalist Brett Anomyces makes his presence felt as well. 9.5%. Co-produced by De Preof Brouwerij and Cigar City Brewing, released in 2013.

GUANABARA: Picking up where Sepultura left off, this bludgeoning power stout cranks into full gear with their use of raw black Rapadura sugar + Argentinian and Brazilian malt amplification. 10.0%. Produced by Cervejaria Colorado, released in 2013.

CUVEE DES JACOBINS ROUGE: Absolutely no respect for palette authority, this flaming Flemish attacks with twin-guitar leads of sour and sweet. Deranged, psychotic, brilliant. 5.5%. Produced by Brouwerij Bockor, released in 2009.

**This event is FREE TO ATTEND, just pay as you eat and drink! Be sure to RSVP to secure your spot.**



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